Sprititual CONSULTATIONS & COACHING services

“A journey to evolve into your highest and best.”

At a very young age I discovered that I had been blessed with psychic ability. My first mystical experience was at the age of 16 years when I had my first spiritual awakening and communicating with the other side of the veil.

This experience has led me on a lifetime journey of self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment. For many years, I did not share my psychic ability with anyone, however instinctively in 2009, I started reading for close friends and family and began using the Tarot shortly after when I discovered that my accuracy rate was incredibly high.

I began to study different modalities of divination including Vedic astrology and the I Ching. I continue to study and learn from the ancients, constantly reading ancient texts on alchemy, astrology, hermetics, religion, the tarot, kabbalah, mystery schools, quantum physics and mathematics.


Spiritual consultation

There are some times in our lives that we do not know what we can do to rediscover the right path to make everything work. All is chaos, our work is consuming us, our marriage is lacking confidence, our finances aren’t matching our expenditures – nothing is in its correct place.
In times like these, it might be important to take a look to the side of the invisible. In other way, you must know what is happening in the spiritual world and, more specifically, what is going on in the place that you occupy in this space.

We can figure this out together using various spiritual divination tools such a tarots, chanelling and astrology to gauge what is within .

Cost: €60 for 1 hour

Spiritual Life coaching

Spiritual life coaching will be the package that will include spiritual consultation and life coaching. I help people make breakthroughs in the most important areas of their lives. How? By challenging their assumptions and opening new perspectives through philosophical and spiritual enquiry.

I use diverse philosophical, psychological and mythical lenses, drawing on themes from science and the world’s wisdom traditions.

Cost: €70 for 1,5 hours